Our Solutions


TWallet – is like a mobile banking account used to load and store funds. You can Load funds from bank online, cash over counter, credit card or PayPal. (prepaid top up cards will be available soon)


TRecarga – will allow you to credit prepaid mobile phones in minutes remotely to our network of over 350 mobile operator partners in 90 countries from your T-Wallet. i.e. want to recharge your mother’s cell that is in Panama from the U.S.A, can be done in seconds through TRecarga.


TLoyalty – is a cash back loyalty program platform already linked to your TWallet. The program partner is a well-established business with 5 years of operation and over 18 million current users in Europe.


TPOS – POS 5 terminal device with Android OS and TelKash App already Installed with Loyalty Program for Merchants to scan QR code. 7 inch screen (POS-Point Of Sale).


TPago – will allow you to make bill payments to your country (USA, Panama etc) billers such as cable, utilities and many others within the country, right from your TPago. i.e. want to pay your cable bill or telephone bill anywhere in your Country, this can be done through TPago.


TSmartphone – Telkash Smartphone with Android OS and Telkash App already Installed with Loyalty Program for Merchant to scan QR code. All todays Smartphone features included. Dual Sim Phone.


TWatch – TelKash Watch with Android OS and Telkash App already installed with Loyalty Program link for Merchants to scan QR code. Camera and Bluetooth capable.


TCard – is a prepaid Visa/MasterCard® which can be used anywhere Visa/MasterCard® is accepted. This means ATM with Mastercard logo, you can withdraw cash. You can also recharge your TWallet from any existing balance you have on your TCard. This card can be requested within the application.

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The Transzak Team.